Everdure 21" Electric Ignition Charcoal Grill and Smoker-Electric Outdoor Oven (4K)

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Everdure 21" Electric Ignition Charcoal Grill and Smoker/Electric Outdoor Oven (4K) Overview



Airflow Control

The 4K’s unparalleled airflow control system makes turning the heat up or slowing it down a unique experience. Both top and bottom vents are precisely numbered for a more balanced and responsive flow of air.

The Anatomy

 The 4K has all the hardware you need. 2 x matte vitreous enamel grills; 2 x 304 grade stainless steel grills; a 12.99 in cordierite pizza stone / heat deflector; water container; internal light; grill tongs; and charcoal tongs are all included.

Sealed, Safe and Sound

 Striking both inside and out, the 4K is a solid machine constructed from diecast aluminum and thick gauge metal. Our unique insulation design reduces heat transfer to the external body sides and front.

Real Time Results

With 2 discreet probes in the hood and 4 removable probes internally, the 4K takes outdoor cooking to another level. Displayed beautifully, all data can be accessed via bluetooth to our free app which is also packed full of hints, tips, recipes and alerts.

Touch Glass, Get Flame

The 4K's outer body is complete with touch glass display; putting fire at your fingertips.


  • Fast Flame Ignition ™ (with touch glass control)
  • Precise airflow dial and slide system
  • Fuel / wood chips side reloader
  • Fully Integrated meat and ambient Probe System
  • Internal light for night cooking
  • Water refill zone
  • Oven can be used both on or off the stand
  • Super efficient charcoal use (2.2. lbs coal = 9 hours cooking)


  • Low n slow / smoking
  • Convection / roasting
  • Open / direct grilling
  • Pizza / high heat baking


  • Auto-locking hood
  • Cool to touch exterior (excluding hood / top vent) - **Up to a maximum oven temperature of 428F
  • Unique BBQ-to-stand locking mechanism.


  • Seamless diecast aluminum outer body
  • Solid interior
  • Heat and UV protected paint finish
  • Sleek and contemporary brushed metals 
  • Robust yet Lightweight aluminum construction
  • 18.11 inches cooking area


  • Bluetooth connected (iOS and Android)
  • LED digital control  
  • Timer function
  • Ignition countdown
  • Oven and food temperature display
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit setting
  • Retractable cord and plug
  • Internal Lightning
  • IPX4 rated



H X D X W Hood Up Hood Down
Height 1474 mm / 58 in 1150 mm / 45 in
Depth 853 mm / 33 in 700 mm / 27 in
Width 550 mm / 21 in 550 mm / 21 in

Cooking Area

Cast Iron X 2 + Stainless Steel X 2 2771 cm2 429.5 sq.in
Cast Iron X 2 + Stainless Steel X 1 2078 cm2 322 sq.in

Key Structure Specification

Part Material Finish
Outer Body Die Cast aluminium  UV protected paint  
Inner Body Deep drawn metal Black enamel 
Top Vent High temperature aluminium Brushed 
Digital Control Tempered glass / LED lights  Anti-glare / frosted 
Legs / Handle Stainless steel  Brushed

Accessories Included

Part Material Qty
Grill Tongs Metal 1
Charcoal Tongs Metal 1
Grill Probe Clip Metal 1
Water Container Metal 1
33Cm (13In) Pizza Stone / Diffuser Cordierite 1
Cast Iron Grills (Lower) Matte vitreous cast iron  2
Stainless Steel Grills (Higher) 304 stainless steel 2
Temperature Probes (Removable) High temperature 4

Electrical Information

120V 15A PLUG

Manuals & Guides

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