Mason-Lite 43" B-VENT GAS APPLIANCE w- 30" Grand Canyon Gas Logs (MGFPST43)

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Mason-Lite 43" Gas B-Vent Firebox Kits (MGFPST43) Overview

Our lightweight, gas burning masonry fireplaces are taking the hearth industry by storm. Complete with realistic logs, a remote control, and safety features, these fireplace systems are attractive on or off and have superior thermal output.  The MGFP43ST See Through is now available and utilizes 12” b-vent and comes with Grand Canyon Weathered Oak gas logs.  Designed for easy, multi-floor installations, our lightweight masonry fireplace systems meet all necessary U.S. building codes for outdoor / indoor construction.

Product Features

  • A fireplace system complete with a set of R.H. Peterson “Real-Fyre” realistic gas logs/ Grand Canyon Gas Logs for MGFPST43, designed with rich detail to replicate the natural beauty of wood.
  • Clean and Environmentally Friendly: Gas-burning fireplaces have lower outputs of carbon monoxide, pollutants, and particulate matter compared to wood-burners.
  • Convenient, No-Mess Operation: Free from sparks and long-burning embers, no chimney cleaning, no messy ashes or wood chips, no wood storage space needed.
  • Smaller Flue (10″ instead of 14″, 12″ instead of 16″ for See Thru) for reduced framing requirements. Architects love it.
  • Compliant with ANSI-Z 21.50 Vented Decorative Gas Appliances
  • Handheld remote control for turning the gas on or off
  • Electronic ignition with battery backup
  • Safety shutoff feature for fail-safe operation
  • Utilized industry standard 10″ B-Vent chimney (12″ B-Vent for MGFPST43)
  • Optional firebrick colors and patterns for an authentic fireplace look-and-feel.

Product Specifications

All Single sided B-Vent Fireplaces come standard with a Mountain Crest Oak gas log set by RH Peterson. The MGFPST43 See Thru B-Vent Fireplace comes with a Beautiful See Thru Grand Canyon Gas Log Set.

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