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Primo Electric Charcoal Starter (PGEFIRE) Overview

Primo Electric Charcoal Starter provides a convenient way to get your grilling game started. Designed specifically for Primo grills, this electric starter allows for easy ignition of charcoal for a better grilling experience.


  • Quickly and easily light your charcoal grill.
  • This charcoal grill starter works with Junior, Round, Large, and XL grill models from Primo.

About Primo

Primo Ceramic Grills is the leader in American-made ceramic kamado grills. Open a new world of grilling possibilities and discover amazing flavor with Primo ceramic kamado grills. Our most popular ceramic grill, and for good reason. Our Primo Ceramic Grills provides the largest cooking area and the patented oval shape offers superior cooking efficiency and accessibility. Serve food to an entire party, prepare large meals for the family, or have the space to grill nearly anything just for yourself.

That brings us to 1996, where George founded and established Primo Ceramic Grills. Samaras chose the name, "Primo" because it means "the best" in Italian.

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